-- In loving memory of Emma O'Kane --

A NIGHT in the local pub turned into tragedy for Heywood mum-of-three Emma O'Kane in December, 2008. The 27-year-old died after being cut by a shard of glass from a bottle thrown into the crowded pub by Neil McNulty (19), who had been refused entry by door staff. Now, police in Oldham, along with Emma's partner Michael Shepherd, have launched a new campaign to stop this from ever happening again.

In a bid to prevent anyone else from losing a loved one in the same way, Michael has helped create a series of radio adverts with the help of Sergeant John Murdoch, Violent Crime co-ordinator for the Oldham Division.

The six different adverts, which feature Michael talking about his experiences, are currently playing five times a day on The Revolution. The adverts were officially launched on June 9, on what would have been Emma's 29th birthday.


Revolution Radio Adverts


Advert 1


Advert 2


Advert 3


Advert 4


Advert 5


Advert 6